"Her attention to detail and embellished glitz onstage is unparalleled, even for pop stars. From the sparkle of each and every Swarovski crystal ... to the sensual lighting that caresses her slender porcelain frame to the vampy music that sets the mood for the procession of themed vignettes ... your eye cannot turn away from the utter flawlessness of it all."

Lina Lecaro - LA Times

"You don't see Dita Von Teese ditching the red lipstick because she's performing in August"

Dick Page, Make Up Artist (writing in Allure Magazine)

"@DitaVonTeese has had a bigger impact on American fashion than all the fashion bloggers put together"

E. Jean Carroll on Twitter (author of the E. Jean column in ELLE magazine)

"Uninhibited, seriously smart and wickedly funny, Von Teese is a woman who refuses to allow her truth to be defined by moments captured thru the lenses of the paparazzi"

944 Magazine

"She can take the best of a designer's product and still make it her own. She's Dita in Dior, Dita in Jacobs, Dita in all. She simultaneously illuminates yet transcends the clothes that designers ask her to wear."

Prestige Magazine, Hong Kong

"Von Teese has become the ultimate accessory few brands can live without, a designated 'style icon'."

Prestige Magazine, Hong Kong

"We've had more calls about Dita Von Teese than any other show we've done, even Madonna. We could have sold out four nights and then some."

Marc Smith, Koko's Head of Promotions

"Burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese has not only mastered the art of taking her clothes off, but she's also the best in the business."

Esquire UK - (Nov 2006)

"I appreciate Dita's work, I think she's incredibly beautiful, really talented. It's amazing the way she transforms herself. It's a creation all its own. I've collected and seen some of her books and pictures, and its really a dream come true to be a part of that. I think it's unbelievably stimulating. That kind of visual, that fetish imagery tastefully done is so erotic, and to be able to evoke that in a photograph, I think that's really something."

Scarlett Johansson on being photographed with Dita for
Flaunt Magazine's Fall Fashion Issue (Sep 2006)

"She is the queen of the modern burlesque revival, not just because she's mind-bendingly gorgeous and knows how to move, but because her commitment to the details of her art borders on the obsessive."

Flaunt Magazine - (Sep 2006)

"...the entrancing pocket venus Dita Von Teese, the queen of the burlesque revival, she of the Vargas Girl looks and the Gibson-girl figure. Dita's old-fashioned act conjures images of Gypsy Rose Lee, another legendary stripteaser known for dressing up beautifully as she was for undressing."

Vogue Magazine - USA (Mar 2006) article, "The Bride Wore Purple"

"She's stunningly beautiful with fantastic style - someone who gives personality to her clothes..."

Stefano Pilati of Yves Saint Laurent

"From a very early age, I have been fascinated by show girls. Dita was like a revelation to me the very first time I met her. She is really a dream come true! Being the ulitmate elegant show girl, I do not see how I could be happier to see her reaching for the sky as a dancer in my shoes. She is the genius side of the alien: she is delicate, singular, personal, excentric and so, so, so well dressed!"

Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin for The Los Angeles Times style section cover story (Feb 2006)

"Guests were treated to performances from hip hop star Pharell Williams, installation artist Vanessa Beecroft, not to mention an elegant striptease by burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, which stopped everyone in their tracks!"

Vogue Magazine - Australia (Dec 2005) coverage of Louis Vuitton's star studded flagship store opening in Paris

"As usual, burlesque queen Dita Von Teese wasn't wearing much when she performed at last month's annual benefit for New York's Academy of Art. But what was barely covering her ample assets caused as much of a stir as her sexy striptease. Her body was iced with more than $5 million in diamonds — from a 60-carat, one-of-a-kind tiara to a custom-made, jewel-encrusted G-string and pasties. 'We wanted Dita to look like she got all dressed up for the night, and she just forgot to put on some clothes,' says Sally Morrison, director of the Diamond Information Center, who came up with the girlie-show-meets-gemstones idea for the charity event. 'It was fabulous. She looked like a naked princess.'"

The Journal News (Nov 2005)

"But just when you thought all was lost, along comes burlesque superheroine Dita Von Teese, a curvaceous, alabaster-skinned, raven- haired, immaculately coiffed stripper with a fondness for retro fashions and the attention to detail to do it right. With a fan club that includes Marc Jacobs, Elton John, and Christian Louboutin, Dita Von Teese is giving burlesque a sweetly seductive second life and... more than a touch of class."

VANITY FAIR (Sept 2005) - article: "One Glove At A Time"

"Everyone had a ball and left with the fashion lover's joy at having seen fabulous clothes. And even the most stalwart celebrity naysayers got a kick out of seeing Winona, Uma, Dita and Sharon Stone, who came dressed up like a Halloween witch, hat included.... the collections bubbled over --way over-- leaving some positively giddy, others with a confounding fashion hangover, and one girl, Dita Von Teese, soaking the fashion stress away in a tingly champagne bath."

WWD The Magazine - Spring 2006 article "Bubbling Over"

"The first time we saw her, we knew there was something special about her; burlesque performer Dita Von Teese has put nostalgia, sex, old-fashioned romance and a much needed dose of gothic glamour back on the style agenda. Her amazing corsets, Stephen Jones hats and confident individuality make her truly inspirational."

Harpers & Queen (Apr 2005) upon naming Dita as the #2 Best Dressed woman

"(Roland) Mouret is a favorite of Dita Von Teese, the burlesque star who was everywhere at the Paris shows. What made her such a compelling front-row presence this time around was her knack for dressing head to toe in the work of the designer showing -- be it Gaultier or YSL or Dior-- but never once compromising her unique Bettie Page look. It was a magical trick, and one this season we all have to learn. Become a brand unto yourself. In other words, know your signatures and stay true to them."

Vogue Magazine (Jun 2005)

"She's this season's biggest fashion icon, she's adored by the A-list - and she's just been voted hotter than Kate Moss."

Grazia (UK) (Oct 2005)

"There isn't a heel high enough for Dita Von Teese. She has the style of a bird of paradise."

Stiletto shoe designer Christian Louboutin

"Von Teese herself was the piece de resistance at Agent Provocateur's extravagant 10th Anniversary celebrations at the Cafe de Paris. Her petite presence is considered a coup for any party hostess...she appears at the hippest fashion parties - Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin and Harvey Nichols...."

Harpers & Queen (Jun 2005) article "Sexual Dealing"

"The new muses of 2004 included....burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, bringing her brand of Vargas-girl glamour to fashion's front rows and single-handedly reviving the doll-size hat."

Vogue Magazine (Jan 2005)
on naming Dita Von Teese 13th Best Dressed in the World for 2004

"The question of where fashion originates has never been more deliciously amusing. Take this season's brooched-and-buttoned sexiness, all those luxe layers of chiffon and tweed and fur and beaded something-something. Would you guess that its pedigree contained the name Dita Von Teese, a gorgeous and charming burlesque performer known to her many fans for her ability to remove layers of retro-chic trappings while, perhaps, swimming in an enormous champagne glass? You should. The image of Von Teese -dressed Von Teese, that is- was all over the catwalks. The precision red lip and lined eye? Hers. The high pump, 24/7? Dita. That nipped waist designers couldn't get enough of? Ditto. (Von Teese's measures sixteen inches cinched.) Put it this way: A stripper has inspired gals everywhere to get all dressed up. What defines these women is that their singular and amazing style emanates not from the runway but instead from their personal obsessions and professional requirements. They lead and we follow."

Vogue Magazine (Oct 2004) from article "Tomorrow's Muse"

"The exquisitely lacquered Dita Von Teese, wearing John Galliano's twenties camisole slipdress of beaded nude satin, blithely declared that she had been carried across the snow to protect her swan's down mules so that she could take her place in the front row. She was the perfect almost real-life embodiment of the otherworldly silver-screen sirens whom the designer evoked in his fall show."

Hamish Bowles, Style.com (Mar 2005)

"I am glad to see that not all Americans are as vulgar as I had thought"

Harpers & Queen (Mar 2005)
French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy on Dita Von Teese

"In the flesh, Dita is poised and polite. With her little-girl meekness and scarlet-tipped nails, she's like Snow White and the Wicked Queen rolled into one."

UK fashion magazine The Tatler (Mar 2005)

"She is smashing, in no uncertain terms. The crowd ooga-oogas and woof-woofs like fratboys on the sidelines of a Jell-O wrestling rink, but Von Teese is all class - her sultry, lip-parted smile never wavers. I've seen the International Queen, and I don't need to see another show to know that her crown is well placed."

Toro Magzine (Oct 2004)

"Like a diva in the classic mould, she brought the house down- and her host to his knees. By the time the goddess of burlesque Dita Von Teese had stripped to just a thong and a large cocktail olive, Ceawlin Thynn, who was celebrating his 30th birthday with a colossal party at Longleat House, was down on one knee and begging her to marry him. She wouldn't be swayed....Dita announced languidly, "Honey, I'm already spoken for."

Harpers & Queen's (Sept 2004)

"What has really taken fashion in this direction is that a whole new generation of stylish women has come to the fore. Who needs to look to the overrated and underdressed when there are smart, savvy individuals out there who have developed their own distinct style of dressing? Take Dita Von Teese, for one, with her Snow White-meets-forties vamp style, and her prim-and-proper persona that belies her career as burlesque-redux stripper."

Vogue Magazine (July 2004)

"....the living, breathing pulchritudinous form of Dita Von Teese, the preternaturally beautiful burlesque star who has spearheaded a revival of that quaint art...With her raven-black hair, gardenia skin, carmine lips, beauty mark, Von Teese is every inch the 1940s movie star when she arrives...."

Vogue Magazine (March 2004)

"In London, fine jewelry and burlesque enjoyed a dalliance last fall when Jade Jagger invited snow-white siren Dita Von Teese, neo-burlesque's reigning queen and onetime Playboy covergirl to perform at Garrard's Fashion Week bash... Today's burlesque darling...."

ELLE magazine (March 2004)

"She's a jewel! the most beautiful and inspiring creature I've ever seen - so exquisite, so fine. She has a wonderful fantasy going on - a Gypsy Rose Lee thing. She's a real showgirl."

Mr. Pearl, world renowned corset couturier - Vogue Magazine (March 2004)

"Burlesque's brightest star is the epitome of a lady. Dita Von Teese made a spectacular entrance when I was in the lobby, so close I could hear her scarlet ball gown rustle. Her legions of fans love her because she is always elegant- even when reclining in a giant matini glass or humping the back of a carousel horse."

VENUS magazine (Winter 2003)

"The Queen of Burlesque has earned her crown, the righteous heir to performers like Sally Rand, who was famous in the Thirties for her naked feather dance. Dita has taken the tradition, studied it, and made it her own."

THE FACE Magazine (Nov 2003)
(featuring a 12 page pictorial photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth)

"And if there is a calling card for neo-burlesque it comes in the perfectly shaped form of US born and bred Dita Von Teese, the undisputed Queen of the Cabaret who has been thrilling audiences for over a decade, and has turned bathing in a giant martini glass into and art form... her role in the resurgence of interest in burlesque cannot, and should not be underestimated."

Australia's CREAM Magazine's article on Burlesque (June 2004)

"At this time, Dita is an icon, and 'It' girl even, both in her element and in her prime - the perfect time to make her acquaintance....."

(10th Anniversary Issue featuring Dita)

"Dita and Catherine are top of the (Teaseorama) bill Friday night, and for a good reason. Their set is a Broadway masterpiece when compared with the am-dram village hall backdrops seen earlier in the evening and they both seem to enjoy every minute of their act- wherein lies their professionalism. Dita's rapport with the audience is instant and irresistible. As she moves with velvet rhythm she smiles as if sharing a joke with friends."

UK's Jack Magazine
(article on neo-burlesque, April 2004 issue)

"Dita Von Teese's highly stylized performances evoke a 1940's technicolor musical...the grande dame of the burlesque revival"


"In an age of amateurs, Dita Von Teese cultivates the highest level of erotic allure."

Playboy Magazine

"Dita Von Teese is the world's first ever high-class erotic superstar."

ARENA Magazine (ten page pictorial photographed by Rankin) November 2003

"The popularity of Dita Von Teese, the brightest star of the neo-burlesque constellation, is bordering on supernova proportions."

New Orleans City Life magazine, January 2004

"(Cameron) Diaz's performance in a giant martini glass in this scene pays
homage to and is inspired by Playboy beauty Dita Von Teese's
risqué and renowned burlesque act"

Charlie's Angels II Full Throttle Press Release
(regarding Dita's influence on a scene from the film. 2003)

"....Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams and Chris Rock watching pin-up star Dita Von Teese.... Before climbing into a life size martini glass, the curvaceous Von Teese wrapped her sparkly bra around Ozzy's head. Needless to say, the oft-mumbling rocker was speechless with delight."

E!Online on The Osbournes' New Years Eve Party

"....It was Dita Von Teese and the annual Teaseorama convention
that elevated Burlesque from the underground."

THE FACE Magazine (fall 2003)

"The evening's main attraction wasn't the jewels, but Dita Von Teese....Now that's bling bling."

Women's Wear Daily regarding Dita's performance during London Fashion Week

"....her act is more art than tart."

The Evening Standard (London)

"...these are the people whose style cannot be ignored.
She's the goddess of the global burlesque scene"

THE FACE Magazine
(on naming Dita Von Teese as one of their "Style Mavericks" 2003)

"When the underground goes public, it's the most clever or creative people who capitalise on the excitement of the unknown, unusual or unexpected. With impressive dignity and surprising ease, Dita has emerged from the relatively obscure fetish scene to earn the accolade 'Queen of Burlesque' and grace the cover of the December issue of Playboy, with her 1950s glamour girl looks defying the staple diet
of buxom blondes."

PAVEMENT Magazine's 10 page pictorial on Dita (Oct/nov 2003)

"...... In Style magazine features one of New Orleans' favorite special guests. Dita Von Teese is also one of the queens of burlesque, a pin-up fetish model and dancer whose return comes (sadly) after the close of the Shim Sham Club. Her performances with the Southern Jeze-Belles, however brief, were the stuff of legend... (Dita) deserves credit not just for her sex-kitten image but also for recreating a cult of personality that used to be so crucial to the burlesque scene. For as popular as the burlesque revival has become, few true stars have been launched. Miss Dita is one of them."

New Orleans' Gambit Weekly

"Dita Von Teese, sits in a giant martini glass and wets herself with a big sponge in the shape of an olive. It's a tasty cocktail...!"


"During one inventive interlude, Dita Von Teese, 'the modern day Bettie Page', elegantly stripped down to glittering undies, then took a dip in a giant Martini glass….just plain adorable."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Dita was the showstopper for me - dressed in an elegant and sexy diamond dress and undergarb, and swimming around in a giant martini glass she was the Vargas girl personified…Dita has a confident and graceful star appeal that transcends the forum. She takes it from a well-executed joke to true cabaret art."

Roger Avery
Director of Killing Zoe, The Rules Of Attraction Co-writer of Pulp Fiction

"...Dita Von Teese, a 40's-inspired , edgy performer whose flirty, fetish-forward modeling work translates beautifully into a performance that's as sexy as it is smart."

Seattle's Weekly Newspaper "The Stranger"