Management/Booking Inquiries:
Please email
Burlesque Performance bookings email

Publicity Inquiries:
Marcel Pariseau at True Public Relations call (US) 001-323-957-0730 or email

Dita Von Teese Lingerie Collection Inquiries:

Merchandise/Product and Sales Inquiries:
For any questions regarding orders made through the website store (order numbers beginning with "J91004") email:

Website, Archive or Technical Inquiries / Support:
For any queries regarding Dita's main website, the subscription archive, or technical queries about those or anything else NON APP RELATED please email:

Dita's Official App Support:
For any support queries regarding Dita's phone app please email:

Fan Mail for Dita:
Dita accepts and reads hand-written-fan letters which can be sent to: Dita Von Teese, 7095 Hollywood Blvd. #715, Hollywood, CA 90028-6035, USA. Please do not send photos or other items to this address for autographs; autographed photos are ONLY available at Photos/magazines/clippings and postage sent will NOT be returned!

Dita Von Teese Archives Support
If you wish to cancel your subscription to the archives you may do so from the archives home page by clicking the cancel link (just under your account info on the right hand side after you log in). Alternatively follow the instructions for customer service below and either use the automated procedures or email in to cancel as appropriate.

Lost Passwords
Follow the instructions for customer service below.

Archives Customer Service
Determine whether you are a CCBill or Epoch customer first (by referring to your credit card statement or finding your sign up email) and then follow the instructions below.

CCBill and Epoch provide customer service via web, email and/or phone. Visit or email as follows:

CCBill: CCBill Customer Support Website
Epoch: Epoch Customer Support Website

Archives: If All Else Fails...

If you find you cannot resolve your problem via the regular customer service route through our processors or can't remember which processor you purchased your subscription through then please contact being sure to identify your account using your username/password or name / email address. If you send in your name and email - PLEASE ENSURE you send the actual email address you signed up with or we may be unable to identify your account.